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Drive Qualified Buyers

Missing the Highly Qualified Industrial Buyer or Engineer?

Business Development Advisors will perform a FREE basic website evaluation.... Limited Time Offer*

Today more than ever 9 out of 10 Industrial buyers use the internet to eliminate potential suppliers before they even consider picking up the phone.  91% of industrial buyers will seek a new supplier if the supplier's website they first visit doesn't give them immediate access to the information they need.

If buyers can't find your website in seconds, by searching what you do in major search engines or vertical directories, buyers are going to your competitor's website and buying from them...and you'll never know it. 

Are you banking on Google Adwords to drive qualified traffic to your industrial site?  Does Google know that you have hired a company to click on your competitor's Google Adwords to use up their monthly budget in 10 days?  Are your competitor's doing the same to you?

Stop the Madness - Enough is Enough

Last year marketers spent more that $5.5 Billion in paid adwords compared to $660 Million spent in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  You ask, what is SEO and why invest in Search Engine Optimization vs Paid Listings?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is nothing more than building your website so that when a qualified user types into the search (Google, Yahoo, etc.) what they are looking for, your website gets found organically in the search when there is a match.  Sounds simple, right?  Wrong!  The search engines are continuously changing the formula that they use to match search terms or search strings with website information.  Recently I read about a company that was trying to backdoor Google's formula and not only was their site removed from being ranked, but all of their customer's sites were removed as well. 

Adwords can drive traffic.  If you are looking to just buy traffic...Great. 

If you're looking to increase sales and thus profits with a highly qualifed buyer, they are less likely to click on adwords and are 60% more likely to click an organic match.

So to best match your products and services to the companies that you are targeting, you first must identify who the companies, the individuals, how they search, where they search, what they search for, what their needs are, the problems they are looking to solve, and so on.

There is more to an effective website than just getting HITS.  Remember, getting people to your website can be as simple as buying adwords.  However, the real success that our clients have come to expect is when less people get to their website, but BUY MORE.  That is when you website is successful at converting hits into profits. 

Do you have a link to your website from the trade organizations you belong to?  Some of the trade organizations automatically will add a link from their site to yours which can help the existing members find you.  These are also usually highly qualifed buyers and engineers.

How does your B to B website measure up?

For a limited time, Business Development Advisors will for FREE, have a senior advisor invest 1 hour and conduct a review of your website.  We will evaluate each of the below items and compare your site with the Industrial Website Standards for driving and converting qualified Industrial traffic.

Basic Web Page Review Topics

  1. Images vs. text
  2. Industrial Navigation (Measured Against Industrial Expectations)
  3. Searchability 
  4. Intro Page / Flash
  5. Brand image
  6. Features, Advantages, Benefits
  7. Industry information 
  8. Frequency of updates - News Updates
  9. Search Engine Optimization – SEO/Keywords
  10. Actionable Items

If your frustrated that you or your sales people are having difficulty closing sales,
getting in front of key decision makers, or
simply not getting new business, you may need a complete website strategy evaluation.

A complete evaluation will additionally look at:
    • Your sales process
    • Your Customer service process
    • How your sales and customer service processes are integrated with your website
    • Whether your site is hindering your sales team from closing more sales
    • How your website communicates your most profitable products/services

You will receive a customized report  with recommended action items.
*Note: Website Evaluations are restricted to industrial product/service companies. This offer may be revoked at any time. Basic Website Evaluations normally cost $395 and complete website strategy evaluations are $ 595.  Complete website strategy evaluations are limited to Northern Illinois.

Contact us and start using your website to drive and convert qualified industrial buyers into profits NOW.