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Industrial Website Evaluation - Technology Integration

Understanding the uniqueness of your business, the target audience that is going to deliver profitable results to your company, and where you can take advantage of technology to streamline those results is where we start.  Once we have determined your company can benefit from our services and you are ready to begin taking your business to the next level, together we will develop a strategic game plan.

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Industrial Internet Marketing Strategy

Is your industrial internet marketing strategy measuring up to your profit expectations?  Are you among the 76% of industrial B to B companies who think that having a website is good enough to make buyers call you?  No different than if you were preparing to start a business, you would need a business plan.  Without a plan, creating a website is nothing more than a hit or a miss. 

Industrial Website Design & Development

90% of Industrial buyers search the Internet before contacting potential suppliers. If buyers can't find what they need on your site in seconds, they'll hit the Back button and go to your competitor's site...and you'll never know it. Many B to B industrial websites do not deliver what 66% of the industrial buyers and engineers need to drive an offline sale.

Drive Qualified Buyers - Industrial Search Engine Optimization

If qualified industrial buyers can't find your website in seconds, by searching what you do in major search engines, buyers are going to your competitor's website and buying from them...and you'll never know it. 

Converting Website Visitors Into Profits

One of the most important things you must keep in mind is "who is my target customer".   The promise of using the internet to source products or services in the B to B marketplace has always been efficiency.  We have been able to STOP many industrial manufacturers, service companies, and distributors from turning away many prospective customers without even knowing it.

Website Analytics & Tracking

No industrial internet strategy would be complete unless you are able to measure and track whether or not it is being successful or not.  Do you know what key words buyers and engineers are using to get to your website?  Is your company name predominantly what they are typing in?  Are adwords costing your company thousands? What actions are they taking once they get there?  Are they getting to your site and hitting the back button?  Do you know what products or services are the most highly sought after?  Are they your most profitable?

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