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Website Conversion

How do you convert website visitors into profitable customers?

You must keep your target customer in mind.  The promise of using the internet to source products or services in the business to business marketplace has always been efficiency.   I consistently meet with many industrial business owners who are turning  away many prospective customers without even knowing it.   

How do you convert visitors into customers using your website?

Buyers can’t buy what they can’t find.

Buyers search the Internet independently for products and services before contacting potential suppliers. To win their business, your website needs to be immediately perceived as information-rich and easy to navigate. If buyers can’t find what they need in seconds, they’ll hit the Back button and go to your competitor's site. And you’ll never know it.

Take action:

  • Put complete product information on your website
  • Make it easy for buyers to search, and find what they need.
You might be thinking...
I am a service company and I don't have much information to put on my site?  

We have our catalog available in PDF for them to download.

YOU are underutilizing the web and giving YOUR prospects a reason to hit the back button!  You need to deliver the information your prospect needs to know about you before they will contact or consider doing business with you.  When you go online looking for a product or service, and a website doesn't give enough information, do you feel like they are hiding something from you?  Do YOU hit the back button and visit a competitor's site that does deliver the information YOU are looking for?

Why would you expect your prospects to be any different?

Remember, buyers and engineers want information, they want it fast, and they want to get it easily!

96% of buyers are more likely to contact suppliers who provide detailed information online about their products and services.
-Buyer Behavior E-Mail Study, ICR Research
The online catalog tools we have implemented, not only make it extremely easy for your prospect you determine your product or service is what they are looking for, but also improves your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  
Another insurmountable challenge I continue to hear from executives is how difficult it is for them or their sales people to get in front of engineers with their products.  

Engineers and sales people generally mix like oil and water. 

When 200 industrial buyers were asked what product information was NECESSARY on a manufacturer's website:

What do buyers look for on your website?

- 88% Catalogs
- 74% Application Notes
- 70% Extensive Product Information
- 54% Regularly Updated Information
- 53% Pricing

What happens when buyers don't find the information they need on your site?

Industrial buyers know exactly what they need. 
90% of Industrial buyers visit the web to eliminate suppliers before they even consider making a call. 
98% are more likely to contact suppliers who provide detailed product information online.

Is your catalog solution making it easy and convenient for your customer at any level of internet ability, be able to quickly and easily  see the product/service and how it will benefit them? Are they frustrated because they can't specify the product or service need the way they want to and find it on your site?  Are they getting irritated because they aren't able to compare several items side by side and see the similarities and the differences? 

How much business are you losing because your website isn't delivering what buyers need and expect?

What would a 20% increase in business mean to you?

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